10 a.m. - Michael Johansson
10 a.m, 2004
DVD, 7 min, 35 s.

10 a.m,

To use balloons at festivities to underline a special occasion is a common occurrence. How long can you use the same behaviour without it losing its value?

In the video 10 a.m. I filmed, at ten o’clock each morning, a shop manager as she rolled out two mattresses covered with balloons which were part of her marketing and promotion. It was the recurring use of balloons that first caught my interest. The balloons never ceased to be rolled into place, but after a while I started to take a greater interest in other details.

By compressing half a year of this repeated event into an eight-minute sequence, where her procedure is almost the same every day and only the environment around her changes, I did not want simply to comment on the shop manager’s monotonous behaviour, but also on my own repetitious rhythm of life while I filmed her. This woman’s recurring morning ritual coloured my own everyday. In principle, each working day for half a year, I stood by my window ready with my camera, and I waited.


Exhibited at:
Flytande Ögonblick, Ystad Konstmuseum, Ystad (S) 2009
The View Outside, cameracartell - Scenario 1, Elektrohaus, Hamburg (DE)
MOCAP, Konsthallen Trollhättan (S) 2007
Stockholm Art Fair, Representing Malmö Art Academy, Stockholm (S) 2004
Union, Bachelor Exhibition, Galleri KIT, Kunstakademiet i Trondheim (N) 2003

Screened at:
Little Rituals, Westpac, Sydney (AUS)
No Volvo, No Bergman, No Blix: New Swedish Video, Monkeytown, New York (US) 2005
Simrishamns Art Film Festival, Galleri Valfisken, Simrishamn (S) 2004
Re-Act Festival, Heidelberg (D) 2003
Skånes Videofilmfestival, Helsingborg (S) 2003

Installation view: No Volvo, No Bergman, No Blix: New Swedish Video, Monkeytown, New York (US) 2005
Curated by Elna Svenle, Photo: Michael Christopher Brown