Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Michael Johansson
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - mixed media, 2005
Painting equipment; brushes, paint, canvas, books, etc.
Dimensions: 5 x 2 m.
Installation view: Årsutställningen, Konsthögskolan i Malmö, Malmö (S)

  Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Michael Johansson
  Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Michael Johansson
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - mixed media
, 2005

For the annual exhibition in my final year at the art academy, during my last days in school, I decided to get rid of all the unused art material I had stored in my studio. When I first began to study art, at two different preparation schools, I bought a lot of paint, brushes, and canvases, in the belief that this was the media I had to choose to become an artist. Despite this I couldn’t convince myself to become a painter, and maybe this inability was what made me overcompensate in the material way.

Finally, I found a way to use the material in an art piece, but maybe not in the way I had in mind at the time that I bought it.


Exhibited at:
Årsutställningen, Konsthögskolan i Malmö, Malmö (S) 2005

BBD-Grant, Michael Johansson

Scolarship of 1000 sek (110 €).

As a continuation of the project Boulevard of Broken Dreams I founded the BBD-grant - a scholarship for up and coming painters at Malmö Art Academy.

The BBD-grant is provided by the interest earned from the sale of painting materials in the installation Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Boulevard of Broken Dreams took place during the Year Exhibition at the Malmö Art Academy 2005. Both the sale of materials and the resulting endowed income for the BBD-grant provide two different platforms for a discussion about the concept of art – one casually on the street, the other formally in a merit-based grant.

Each year a student from the Malmö Art Academy, devoted to painting, is selected by the faculty to receive the BBD-grant. By supporting painting as an artistic expression the grant re-actualizes my sold materials original purpose.

This year the grant went to Elisabeth Östin for "a playful and superb handling of the classic elements of painting - form, colour and texture.

Last year the grant was handed out for the 10th time. Nicklas Randau was rewarded the grant for "his ability to charge colour with poetry".

In 2014 the BBD-grant went to Dick Hedlund, "for his ability to listen and wait through painting".

2013 the jury chose John Alberts for "his ability to listen to the story within the painting".

Rina Eide Løvaasen was rewarded the grant in 2012. "With irrepressible energy and a will of steel Rina Eide Løvaasen seeks deeper into the labyrinthine secrets of painting."

In 2011 the BBD-grant was handed out for the sixth time, this year to Jesper Veileby "for his tremendous faith in the possibilities of painting, and equally huge doubts."

Daniel Peder Askeland was rewarded the grant for "his bold exploration of what is, not beyond, but within and underneath the painting" in 2010.

2009 the faculty chose to award Danilo Stankovic that "haven't stopped dreaming about painting possessing both narratives and gestures, both surface and depth."

In 2008 Elin Behrens received 1000 sek with the motivation: "A talented painter is being welcomed back!"

The year before that the BBD-grant went to Ella Tillema "for her fresh and powerful paintings, and her way to make her experiences from various creative fields interact."

In 2006 Fredrik Norén was the first to receive the BBD grant stating “in the spirit of the founder, he spins and reuses the material as well as the ideas of painting”.