Bunker - Michael Johansson
Bunker, 2007
Furnitures, equipment, documents.
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3 m.
Installation view: Capital, Hypoteksföreningen, Lund (S)

, 2007

An archive normally contains the history of an activity and offers the possibility to go back in time and navigate a research for specific facts. But if the activity seized to exist and its former premises changed into something else, how can an archive present this transition? And what then constitutes its functionality?

For an group exhibition in a building that previously was a bank the old furniture and possessions were carefully assembled to form a sculptural unity defined by the vacant spaces of the old archive system in the basement. The objects previous functions yield to form the fundament in a story about the transformation into something new


Exhibited at:
Capital, Hypoteksföreningen, Lund (S) 2007